Neisson 52,5°


This rum is entirely from sugar cane plots of Thieubert, planted beside the distillery near the seaside.
Of volcanic origin, the soils are alluvial sabloargileuse texture. The influence of the Caribbean coast is found here through an extreme drought and exceptional sunny conditions.
Blue cane - B69.566 - with an erect and natural highs trashing of maturity.

Maturation and reduction of rums

Rum by Neisson is the result of a long process of maturation, during which the wines are mixed and aerated daily. Particular attention is also given to the reduction, especially for slow and meticulous production.


Visual: crystalline and clear.
Bouquet: This rum is surprisingly smooth finesse and delicacy of its slightly sweet notes of liquorice.
Taste: very round in the mouth, his final is sweet and extremely intense.

Serving suggestions
It is assessed by ti-punch with a dash of cane sugar and lime zest. Ice cubes or crushed ice will complete the cocktail according to the taste of each.


Decanter 70 cl - silver gray box or luxury box.