2004 Unique vats


White rums behind this single cask were distilled from cane plots Godinot plateau for a period of low rainfall with highs in sugar content higher than 23 Brix. Rums were cut and put into aging April 8, 2004 in bourbon oak barrels used 195 liters of the Buffalo Trace distillery. Four barrels numbered 1 through 4 were dépotés in July 2011 and then reduced to 42.7% vol and bottled in October 2011.


Visual : Dress amber golden reflection

Bouquet : complex nose, cooked fruit (toasted almonds), hint of vanilla, balsamic, roasted and spicy (cloves)

Tasting : Full-bodied, oaky, spicy, vanilla, long finish

Tasting advice

in digestive


Bottle "Zépol Kare" 70 cl individually or wooden case of 6 bottles numbered one barrel, 2, 3 or 4 of which number 243 bottles per barrel