Neisson 50°


North-Caribbean coast of Martinique. Communes of Saint-Pierre (60%) and Carbet (40%). Land characterized by strong sunshine and low rainfall - less than 1500mm/an.
Very high daily temperature range during Lent, at harvest time. On pumice soils less evolved from volcanic Mount Pelee, textured sandy clay.

Varieties of sugarcane

Rod Blue (B69.566): 60% - Cane Cinnamon (B82.0333): 20%
Cane Red (B64.277): 10% - Cane Zikak (B80.08): 9%
Crystalline (Saccharum officinarum): 1%


Assembly and selected wines produced during the previous campaign rum, the thought behind whites 50% and 55% undergo maturation in stainless steel vats for 6 months during which they are stirred, aerated and gradually reduced to a final degree


  • Visual: cristallin.
  • Bouquet: marked by very intense nose of floral notes - cane sugar, cane juice - just as nicely complement a slight hint of citrus.
  • Taste: palate borrows a great sweetness. Full-bodied and supple with sweet notes of honey and coconut. Suave and intense.

Serving suggestions

Ti-punch traditional. Its strength is assessed also married to one of lime on a bed of crushed ice. A dash of sugar syrup will provide additional sweetness.


Zépol Bottle 100 cl or 70cl Kare and Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles.