XO Rum 45° 70cl


After suffering a first flexible - wood aging in oak barrels from 5000 to 10000 liters - the rums at the origin of this wine are set aging in barrels of less than 650 liters.
Initially, the rums are staying in new French oak barrels to acquire a tannic structure and woody fragrances characters. Then over the years, they will be transferred in barrels of growing older in order to promote the evolution of aging and flavors blending the structure. Part of aging is performed in American oak barrels of 195 liters.
The degree of reduction up to 45% takes place throughout the aging thanks to the different tools.
Dépotés and assembled one year prior to packaging, the rums of this wine will have aged 6 to 8 years in oak barrels and 12 to 24 months in oak casks. Reported to the tropical climate of Martinique, this corresponds to an aging farm nearly 18 years in Western Europe.

Visual amber color.

Bouquet complex nose reminiscent of cooked fruits, cocoa and roasted spices - pepper.

Taste bodied and powerful palate, with hints of fruit in alcohol and nuclei blending with woody and spicy character.

Serving suggestions
He likes neat in a snifter warmed in the palm of your hand, exhale to better its more subtle flavors. Accompanied by a * quality cigar, he signed an ideal end of a meal.

Bottle Zépol ’Kare gold silkscreen 70 cl, waxed cork - Cases of 6 bottles.