Special reserve 42°


Rums at the origin of this wine from a selection of different vintages.
No fewer than five different qualities of aged rums are components of this assembly, with aging put in over several years.
Rums behind the Special Reserve have aged between 50 and 60 months in barrels of less than 650 liters, with an average of 4 years and 5 months.
Initially, the white rums stay 6 months in new barrels of 350 liters, in Limousin oak. They are then transferred to older casks of various capacities and origins. Successive passes of the water spirits in barrels of different degrees of depletion ensure smooth extraction of perfume from the wooded character of oak lignin, while avoiding an excess tannins.
Reducing the alcohol content up to 42% takes place throughout the aging thanks to the annual two tools.


Visual clear amber color.


Aspect gustatif complex nose or flourish of flavors of dried fruit and vanilla.

Serving suggestions
Special Reserve appreciates pure, served in a snifter, or old punch with one stroke of the cane sugar syrup.

Bottle or 70 cl Zépol’Karé silkscreen, waxed cork - Cases of 6 bottles.