"L’esprit" by Neisson


Created for the first time on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the distillery, this rum is exceptional in more ways than one. A unique strength in the market, it combines rare softness and delicacy.

Made exclusively from the canes in Thieubert Carbet cane and crystal blue, white rum that has the distinction of never having had a reduction or anchorage: it comes directly from the distillation column Savalle which is specially set to the occasion of this rum.

It is relaxed in stainless steel vats for 6 months and then bottled, as every year, at the approach of the anniversary of Neisson. This reflects Neisson rum, spirit and image.


- Visual: crystalline and clear.

- Bouquet: this rum attracted by its extremely intense nose with an explosion of floral and citrus.

- Taste: an extraordinary round, the mouth is in the same spirit - sweet, rich and full flavor. A model of power, elegance and refinement. The finish is endless while both air and intense.

Serving suggestions

Purists drink it all in small sips, refreshed at very low temperatures or with a twist of lime on a thick bed of crushed ice.


70 cl bottle Zépol’Karé satin and silk-screened and Cases of 6 bottles.